Boudin Balls

Homemade Boudin Balls served with a cajun remoulade sauce


Fried Ribs

Fried Baby Back Ribs with 100 Grand Special Dipping Sauce


Loaded Fries

Rotel cheese dip on top of bed of fries (Add a protein: Shrimp, chicken $8.00)


Oxtail Sliders

3 Sliders with Our Smoked Gouda Four Cheese Blend, Peppers & Onions With Oxtail Jous Dipping Sauce Parmesan and Fresh Herbs


Spinach & Queso Dip

Mixture of Four Cheeses Served Bubbly Hote with Nachos. Add ons: Chicken $6, Shrimp or Oxtail $8



6 juicy wings tossed in your favorite sauce comes w/celery & carrots, 1 ranch dressing. (Additional Ranch Available $) Flavors: Jerk, BBQ, Buffalo, Hot Honey, Lemon Pepper



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